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1540 GPPS Injection Moulding Granules

Company : M. S. Plast   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / GPPS Granules

1540  GPPS Injection Moulding Granules

Product Code: RECY-M.-15-1007
Company: M. S. Plast

Material: GPPS
Form: Granules
Tensile Modulus: 3100 MPa
Grade: 1540
Melt Flow Index(200 deg c-5kg): 11 g/10min
Styrene Residual Monomer: 500 PPM
Vicat Softening Point ( 50 deg c /hr 1kg): 91 deg C
Rockwell Hardness: SCALE/L70
Tensile Stress At Break: 42 MPa
Elongation At Break: 2 %

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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1540  GPPS Injection Moulding Granules is an easy flowing crystal polystyrene designed for extrusion or injection applications. It improves extruder output and thermoforming cycle time when mixed with a high impact polystyrene such as HIPS7240.It is particularly suitable for glossylayer coextrusion. This grade has food contact approval.


  • Packaging articles,petri dishes,office equipments,pen barrels,crisper boxes for refrigerators,cups,food containers gloss layer coextrusion.anionic styrene butadiene copolymer dilution. 

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