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1110MAS PP Injection Moulding Granules

Company : Indian Polypack   |   Raw Material / Re Processed / PP Granules

1110MAS PP Injection Moulding Granules

Product Code: RECY-IN-11-2494
Company: Indian Polypack

Color: White
Usage/Application: General Plastics
Material: PP
Form: Granules
Grade: 1110MAS
Melt Flow Index (230 deg C & 2.16 Kg): 11.0 gm/10 min
Density @ 23 deg C: 3 0.90 gm/cm3
Tensile Strength @ Yield (50 mm/min): 42 MPa
Elongation @ Yield (50 mm/min): 8 %
Flexural Modulus (1.3 mm/min): 1800 MPa

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1110MAS PP Injection Moulding Granule is a natural colored grade produced by the latest Spheripol II Technology. The Grade is having a High flow & high stiffness and excellent gloss. This grade contains antistatic agent that reduces static charge build up in products. This grade is designed to offer faster molding cycles and the ability to achieve cycle time reduction of up to 18% (Depending on product & equipment). This grade is ideal for products requiring very good dimensional stability (low warpage).

Recommended Applications:

PP Homopolymer 1110MAS is recommended for Injection Molded applications like

  • Furniture

  • Household articles

  • Automotive component (where high stiffness is required) 

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